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Ажурирано пре 19 часа

Dotfiles from time before I knew the word dotfiles, but the name has stuck.

Ажурирано пре 2 дана

Food things in Finnish, English required for some of the readers/sources/writers not speaking Finnish yet

Ажурирано пре 3 дана

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Random files that don't have a better place, originally better sorted version of gist.github.com

Ажурирано пре 1 недеља

Random scripts in various languages

Ажурирано пре 3 недеља

My list of Onion Services to remember, this is a copy of the or/ directory in mikaela-info.

Ажурирано пре 2 месеци

My old gh-pages for Limnoria IRC bot

Ажурирано пре 2 месеци

Copy of GitHub gist files related to my work training in 2014, some of which looks worth looking at later.

Ажурирано пре 3 месеци

Copy of https://gitea.blesmrt.net/mikaela/mikaela-info/src/branch/master/ir without irrelevant history

Ажурирано пре 6 месеци