Dotfiles from time before I knew the word dotfiles, but the name has stuck.
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This file is supposed to explain Windows.reg.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • Make the file Windows Registry Editor script
  • Ask admins yes/no on UAC
    • 1 would also ask for password, 0 disable entirely.
  • prompt standard users for username and password.
    • The other option (1) doesn't even give them UAC prompt so you must always login as admin to do anything.
  • Display the user list.
  • Allows shutdown without being logged in
  • Allows undocking without logging in
  • Shows verbose information on login (starting service...)
  • Shows output of startup scripts
  • Shows output of shutdown scripts
  • Disables the first logon animation on Windows 8 and newer
  • Sets hardware clock to UTC time (doesn't affect system clock!)
    • qword for 64-bit, dword for 32-bit systems. The actual reg file has only qword as I haven't seen 32-bit Windowses lately.
  • be able to resolve IPv6 even when connection isn't native.
"Teredo_State"="Enterprise Client"
  • Enable Teredo
  • Enable Teredo even when joined to domain.
  • Use as Teredo server as it's in Finland where I am.
[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard]
  • Enable numlock on boot.