Dotfiles from time before I knew the word dotfiles, but the name has stuck.
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Mikaela Suomalainen 7541d93206
dns-over-tls.conf: update BlahDNS-JP addresses
1 week ago
NetworkManager etc/NetworkManager: move relevant parts to conf.d/ 2 months ago
X11/xorg.conf.d move compose key to menu (from lwin) 2 years ago
apt apt/preferences.d/firefox: add l10n 2 months ago
default/grub.d etc/default/grub.d: merge mds.cfg into mitigations.cfg 3 months ago
dnscrypt-proxy dnscrypt-proxy.toml: move cache above & add comments & min cache TTL 300 4 months ago
i2pd/tunnels.conf.d i2pd: increase tunnel lengths to 2 in hope of better NAT evading 2 months ago
modprobe.d etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-hdmi-audio.conf: add source 3 months ago
mysql/conf.d mysql: fix unicode.cnf 4 years ago
nginx etc/nginx: remove / from the proxies 2 months ago
privoxy etc/privoxy/config: example to Torify everything 1 year ago
profile.d Partially revert f7fbf35109bd80ecac5601f51a5ed85cacf7a35f 10 months ago
ssh VerifyHostKeyByDNS is supposed to be yes 7 months ago
sudoers.d etc/sudoers.d/hibernate: allow suspend & change group to plugdev 9 months ago
sysctl.d sysctl.d: document privacy extensions & use double # for comments 9 months ago
systemd systemd/resolved.conf.d/quad9: expand on versions 1 month ago
tor torrc-client: enable ClientPreferIPv6ORPort as my IPv6 works 3 months ago
unbound dns-over-tls.conf: update BlahDNS-JP addresses 1 week ago
xdg/autostart update etc/xdg/autostart/ 2 months ago
fstab etc/fstab: notes on encryption, tmpfs, cleanup 3 months ago
hosts etc: import from gh-pages 5 years ago
install add etc/install 4 years ago
oidentd.conf somewhat rewrite etc/oidentd.conf 4 years ago
radvd.conf etc: import from gh-pages 5 years ago
resolv.conf resolv.conf: add Quad9 and note I am not sure what it tries to be 4 months ago