Dotfiles from time before I knew the word dotfiles, but the name has stuck.
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Mikaela Suomalainen 404e7cd21b
i3: never again autostart Electrons
1 hour ago
conky conky.conf: decrease font size & add grepping for sensors 5 months ago
i3 i3: never again autostart Electrons 1 hour ago
i3status config: commentish load averages 2 weeks ago
Xresources Xresources & i3: make rofi transparentish 7 months ago
gitconfig gitconfig: add new options 3 years ago
init.vim Heavily touch vimrc, add init.vim for Neovim 11 months ago
inxi.conf inxi.conf: separator = & colour scheme 5 3 years ago
locale.conf fix conf/locale.conf 1 year ago
makepkg.conf makepkg.conf: no compress = FASTER 3 years ago
mpv.conf add mpv.conf 2 weeks ago
oidentd.conf Rearranging (#52) 4 years ago
pam_environment i3 & pam_environment: enable fcitx 6 months ago
pastebinit.xml Rearranging (#52) 4 years ago
tmux-old-ncurses.bash tmux.conf: use tmux-256color 4 years ago
tmux.conf tmux.conf: try if the world is ready for tmux-256color 1 month ago