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ipfs.service: use dht routing instead of dhtclient routing

Mikaela Suomalainen pirms 8 mēnešiem
Parakstījis: mikaela <mikaela+git@mikaela.info> GPG atslēgas ID: 0C207F07B2F32B67
1 mainītis faili ar 4 papildinājumiem un 2 dzēšanām
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etc/systemd/system/ipfs.service Parādīt failu

@@ -10,13 +10,15 @@ After=network.target
# providers triggers netscan detection, risking account termination"

ExecStart=/home/mikaela/go/bin/ipfs daemon --routing=dhtclient --enable-gc --enable-namesys-pubsub
ExecStart=/home/mikaela/go/bin/ipfs daemon --routing=dht --enable-gc --enable-namesys-pubsub

# My attempts at explaining flags above + --mount for fuse
# --mount - fuse for /ipfs and /ipns, see
# https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/blob/master/docs/fuse.md as it requires
# some specific config, I am not setting it as default here.
# --routing=dhtclient - not serving requests to the network saving bandwidth
# --routing=dht - server requests to the network possibly using more
# bandwidth but also making content more findable (as opposed to
# dhtclient, not serving requests to the network saving bandwidth)
# --enable-gc - automatic cleaning of unpinned files per rules in ipfs
# config, I think by default two hours or when the repo gets bigger than
# 10G

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