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  • /wire.html excerpt: “My public key fingerprints (that I think can be put here, if I am missing something, tell me) for secure communication with me.” ---

This page contains key fingerprints that might interest you if you wish to communicate with me securely. In case I have multiple accounts with some protocols, I only list those which I mainly care about.



Device/Software Device ID OMEMO Fingerprint
Rbtpzn/Gajim-flatpak F06AE7B9 A4B1D4DC 79A5DED7 5A04D6A3 51B548D3 6A56E2CE 42493EB7 947C1E69
Sedric/Gajim-flatpak 607810435 70DC890E D35F14AB 9102AE69 C680EDC0 F0EB3CE4 AA5BFD93 8CD13229 F81DF33B
Nokia 1/Conversations BE1E4E24 ECBD7DC4 0C3C4119 AE575B45 7DFDFD7D F11F14A0 79070F76 1CA66138
Zaldaryn/flatpak 1608725341 705F8434 A44D8C50 9F119351 34100882 939D605E 9B2CC359 01F1C8F2 30EA4A21
i9305/Conversations 9BE97E63 618C6532 9A8E1A9F 2F069BDF 1362FB10 5B4630A1 0104510A 1EC56034
Sedric/Dino 207282A2 24863B08 D2903416 537B21F9 97169B91 58D6F0E2 F94AC3C4 DA357B1C
Sedric/Windows/Gajim 1851265680 2CA4A344 03A525F8 4CD75F47 69334B00 FECD2B6C 0D697F77 21BEB4D5 04AB5130



Device name ID Fingerprint
20190413-Sedric SYUZHGKRDF 00LQ edzK 6woQ JWMj CGb2 bIvW HGqS mnGE OdlX +RsQ uqo
20190530-Zaldaryn UEBHSUWLOC MrnG FXve PRvK lANF +C+E jRTc a3a7 lTRZ FJWl mHVf /EA
20190602-Zaldaryn-nheko-flatpak MTFFVHKIAN UTvo Kiz/ AzQm /pK4 CNXH 0aV7 ig4v PkIv iIkx agc/ jes


Name Wire device ID Fingerprint
Sedric Wire Linux 51 12 38 05 39 92 F9 59 41 97 e0 b9 0c b5 3d d8 3a 46 59 e8 2e ba cb 64 61 36 4a 0e e8 c3 a0 08 f6 79 92 06 95 08 f6 2e
Nokia 1 HMD Global Nokia 1 46 82 D6 7F 7C 10 E8 AE e2 d5 8b 67 f6 a8 15 9c c0 7a 9b 57 aa 55 55 8c 9b 14 55 a1 c1 ad b4 8b 42 fb 95 84 5c 42 d4 e5
SGS III samsung GT-I9305 92 D7 96 E0 8C 1E 29 17 0a 23 ae aa 5f 78 f8 6d 3b 74 18 df c9 9c 74 cc 50 61 25 01 8d 51 e4 f1 8a 98 16 2e c9 ab 9f 0a
Zaldaryn Wire Linux 7B 67 B5 01 77 EE 62 2A af 1b 11 b7 17 6e d7 39 46 27 31 d1 ed 1a 33 b1 9b 63 09 f1 ad 27 32 6f 47 d9 95 03 a9 ca 01 7d


OTR is impossible with multiple clients fighting for the messages, so I only support it with IRC (which currently has no other good choice and where I have only single client (WeeChat) which my phone also connects to) and even if some of the XMPP clients talk it, I would appreciate you using OMEMO instead.

Account OTR Fingerprint
IRC DA0CFDDE E05BE012 B2E726B5 0789F4E2 E7DB582D


PGP Fingerprint
2910 4A46 C561 5BF9 78A0 83F2 0C20 7F07 B2F3 2B67