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My website

Build Status


  • PGP/ — my PGP key(s)
  • _*/ — Jekyll's own files
  • blog/ — blog index & feeds
  • css/ — css
  • pages/ — normal pages
  • php/ — php scripts that haven't found their way anywhere else
  • r/ — redirects, some kind of personal URL shorrtener
  • or/ — same, but not redirecting and for Tor Onion Services
  • ir/ — same, but for I2P eepsites


  • sitemap.xml — automatically generated by Jekyll when building
  • sitemaps.xml — manually written sitemap index pointing to sitemaps on my sites. I am not sure how it works when there are multiple domains, so I am keeping all sitemaps in robots.txt and sitemaps.xml on bottom of it. Same will possibly happen with other domains.


I am using IPFS for some embeds on this site. If you would like to help me host them:

ipfs pin add QmQUc6SmBS8jgvceRLjFsVJNy2NrikDotcQVFxHeRwtQRz QmQLRBFm5aa2GmmvR4FhHV7mAVjeKieEBrJaSCekyHZtbD

These hashes are:

  • foxyproxy.json
  • avatar/favicon

There is also IPFS.csv in this directory listing current and previous hashes and where they have been used in.