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layout: page title: IRC permalink: /irc/

I am on multiple IRC networks and finding me on those should be easy as (depending on network) my channel list is mostly visible with /whois Mikaela Mikaela. I also recommend checking /msg NickServ info Mikaela.

To verify that you are talking to me, I encourage you to check my OTR key which will also verify my identity even if I was using different nick which is possible depending on network.

Public Telegram group link (there is a bot bridging IRC & Telegram)

Note that this section is manually updated and might be missing some links.

  • General
    • Getting help from network operators when channel ops are away
    • Disabling DCC
    • Keep the ops opped
    • IRC over TLS is not pointless.
    • Forming irc:// or ircs:// links
    • Making channel secret or private
    • Trying to be a better op: attacking op is no different from attacking user.
    • Atheme quickstart: NickServ, HostServ, ChanServ & GroupServ
  • Oper
    • Channels & Hostmask groups: A Basic howto
    • Stay away from Anope IRC Services
  • WeeChat
    • Easy instructions for using SASL PLAIN
    • Ignoring with /filter
  • User modes
    • Showing public channels in whois / umode -iI
    • Using umode +g/blocking unauthorized PMs
      • Part 2: I won’t acknowledge existence of your PM attempt unless I know you.
    • (Un)Setting umodes (broken from umode -iI)
  • ZNC
    • ZNC 1.6.0 & SSL certificate verification
    • My config
    • Installing ZNC on Ubuntu using PPA

My policy on joining personal channels.

If you have no idea what this section means, this most likely doesn’t concern you. (Hint: For example ##nickname channels at freenode.)

I often feel that personal channels are useless and not so good invention, but they might have some uses like commit spam or spamming some RSS feeds.

My current policy on joining them is joining channels of those people who join mine and are preferably voiced or higher, but I reserve the right to not do that or leave the channel at any time without specifying reason.