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  • /omemo.html
  • /otr.html excerpt: “My public key fingerprints (that I think can be put here, if I am missing something, tell me) for secure communication with me.”

This page contains key fingerprints that might interest you if you wish to communicate with me securely.

If you wish to verify these fingerprints without CloudFlare in the middle, check this page at GitHub directly.


PGP Fingerprint
2910 4A46 C561 5BF9 78A0 83F2 0C20 7F07 B2F3 2B67


OTR is impossible with three clients fighting for the messages, so I only support it with IRC (which currently has no other good choice and where I have only single client (WeeChat) which my phone also connects to) and even if some of the XMPP clients talks it, I would appreciate you using OMEMO instead.

Account OTR Fingerprint
IRC DA0CFDDE E05BE012 B2E726B5 0789F4E2 E7DB582D


Account Device/Software OMEMO Fingerprint
Joindiaspora ONEPLUS A3003/Conversations F341AD7C B2AC665B 1ACC1F2D E38D45E3 FAB05EA1 547719E7 620DA8EA 6458E91F
Joindiaspora Jolla/Conversations BDC51478 AF93D61C 8890C5E6 38CB658B 3736CDB7 06309862 FF5B48E4 E74AB93B
Joindiaspora Sedric/Gajim 5BE02080 79C94E5F 15986BE6 F96C2C25 734D5212 2C9F65F2 15DB5CE1 57434B4D
Joindiaspora Zaldaryn/Gajim 16108077 0CF235EA 626955E8 F651E534 A7AC4B98 822879F8 9BFD6685 CA1DCF3A
Joindiaspora Sedric_W10/Gajim 92A42B79 60475A6E 8E5489FE 3B593A39 42F4756E CF4B852C F5C348C8 23F67972
Kapsi ONEPLUS A3003/Conversations 373EC2F8 F75D4717 2374B9D6 5D8DAA6E 8F07DF41 52808ABB 59942E92 5F6A8D4F
Kapsi Jolla/Conversations D42BEAB6 BD86C40F 4FD66C71 DE9F7DCC 7532970E 4A8CBF9D 4938C4F9 9EB46864
Kapsi Sedric/Gajim 506148B5 CC48623E 5F01E7C6 68F08FF5 8BB02D2A DA7449C2 E24F2BC2 0A054F6B
Kapsi Zaldaryn/Gajim 7459B635 5822ABEF DA13120D 3C670691 431D35AB 28C8E69F 952395E1 CD036C43
Kapsi Sedric_W10/Gajim 9792DD09 4D553A08 32E1C277 4504FC84 283391F9 5E6A98AA 03135AC3 01A8CD23


I think it's currently using OpenPGP and if I notice that changing to OMEMO, I will be updating this. It's probably enough special to have it's own table as it tries to challenge WhatsApp and Signal working the same way even if it's basically just another XMPP client.

Device Fingerprint
OnePlus3 ⁠⁠⁠573E E59C F865 7476 6618 769C 5DB5 4E7B 20D3 2D41
Jolla ⁠⁠6D32 FF74 A1AC 87AE 37 5129 E0BA 21B0 E071 F352


I have understood that Wire fingerprints don't change by themselves and aren't tied to specific chat (unlike WhatsApp, Signal & co), so I think I can list them here, but if that proves to not be the case, Wire will get removed from here.

Device Fingerprint
OnePlus3 ⁠⁠⁠62 97 5a d8 2b 54 80 34 47 2d 80 65 19 a0 e0 77
45 38 1c 52 c8 6e 62 d9 23 cb 86 87 9d e5 6c d6
Sedric Arch ⁠⁠b8 ef cb c4 55 9c de 0f c2 83 53 87 23 8e 95 15
74 ad 1e 0e e3 90 72 c4 91 b9 e8 46 59 86 12 14
Sedric Windows ⁠ac d5 bc 4f 52 8b b9 f2 78 c6 eb e1 86 d5 d4 37
e4 61 a3 b6 ac 81 94 93 35 22 93 46 f1 5b 27 d3
Zaldaryn ⁠⁠40 68 e5 4e ac 99 50 09 49 1f 70 14 ae bf 53 5d
52 fa f8 82 51 a8 3a fc a5 82 ab 04 c7 f1 01 da