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  4. excerpt: "I am a Highly Sensitive Autistic Pirate with Linux experience from 2008. I am familiar with git and unemployed."
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  8. <img src="{{site.avatar}}" alt="Photo of me" />Mikaela Suomalainen</a>
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  10. <p id=bio>I am a Highly Sensitive Autistic Pirate with Linux experience from 2008. I am familiar with git and unemployed. My <a href=""></a></p>
  11. <p class="centered">I speak Finnish, English and a little Esperanto. I am currently learning Czech.</p>
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  13. <p>I am not good at talking about myself especially unprompted on my index page. Offline I will generally make a bad first impression, but the second impression will generally be better. <em>All my self-introductions also always feel like they are outdated the next day.</em></p>
  14. <p>As said I have used Linux since 2008, I begun with <a href="">Ubuntu</a> 8.04 and have used various other distributions after that, currently I am on <a href="">Debian</a> <a href="">Testing</a>, but I did also spend a long time with <a href="">Arch</a>. I am a bit of distro and DE-hopper, even if currently I am currently using <a href="">i3</a> which is just a window manager.</p>
  15. <p>What do I do? My time flies with learning (languages and there is always something new on ICT field) where autism may be a bit of help, I am Instant Messaging manager at <a href="">Piraattipuolue (Pirate Party Finland)</a> which possibly talks about my interest towards messaging platforms and in addition to their servers I run a VPS, even if automagic mostly takes care of everything, but as anything could happen keeping an eye on what is happening won't hurt in moderation.</p>
  16. <p>I like setting up OSes to always get updates from the closest point and as everyone should encrypt everything, I also use https with apt no matter how much someone else might say that to be unecessary, <a href="">needrestart is also helpful</a>. I generally also run <a href="">dnscrypt-proxy</a> to encrypt DNS and have moved my internal connections mostly to <a href="">Yggdrasil network</a> having <a href="">Tor onion services</a> as a backup for SSH access. I always require key authentication.</p>
  17. <p>The only traffic I am not encrypting is probably my WLAN. For some reason my router requires a reboot once per hour with WPA2 encryption while on open network I only have to reboot it once per day (I have asked about this confusing behaviour from wiser people on IRC and they weren't able to explain it either). I support the <a href="">Open Wireless Movement</a> and think that if someone really wanted to cause me harm, they could break into the network anyway and that would be more difficult to prove on consumer grade device than the network being open. There are firewalls on all networks and while a passerby would be able to observe unencrypted SNIs, isn't that also <a href="">being done by international security agencies already</a> while even <a href="">Finland has given permission to monitor traffic crossing our borders</a> ((TODO: better link in English as the situation develops)and how much of traffic doesn't do that?). I also don't like being somewhere where the only available WLANs are printers and smart thermostats :)</p>
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  19. <h2 id="web">Around the web/contact</h2>
  20. <p><a href="">IndieWeb</a> wishes this listing to exist on my index for cross-linking and <a href="">IndieAuth<a/>, so here you go. You may also use the <a href="">Verify-me browser extension</a> to verify the bidirectional links with a single click, even if there are some false negatives due to services not supporting rel=me.</p>
  21. <h3 id="dev">Development</h3>
  22. <p>List of version control system hosts where I am and possibly my activity. I may be a bit more active in issue trackers, support channels and forums, but this list should be diverse for decentralization.</p>
  23. <p><em><a href="">I have a todo of turning this into a prettier table</a></em></p>
  24. <ul>
  25. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Blesmrt Gitea</a> - where my personal repos are hosted</li>
  26. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on GitHub</a> - a big git host <a href="">owned by Microsoft</a> and following <a href="">the US trade restrictions</a>. I am mostly active for <a href=""></a> and some other projects.</li>
  27. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Frostnerd Gitlab</a> - Home of Nebulo DoT/DoH app for Android, I am inactive.</li>
  28. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on</a> - possibly GitHub's biggest competitor, <a href="">hosted on Google Cloud Platform and thus following the US trade restrictions</a>. I am inactive</li>
  29. <li><a href="" rel="me">mikaela on</a> - Ubuntu's bug tracker, but I am inactive</li>
  30. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Open HUB</a> - a measurer of project and *commit* activity, thus missing a lot of what I am doing</li>
  31. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Privacytools Gitea</a> - mostly a mirroring Gitea activity, I am inactive.</li>
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  33. <h3 id="forum">Forums</h3>
  34. <ul>
  35. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Jolla Together</a></li>
  36. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Pirate Party Finland forum</a></li>
  37. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on forum</a></li>
  38. <li><a href="" rel="me">/user/Ciblia on Reddit</a>
  39. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<em><a href="">/domain/ on Reddit</a></em></li>
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  41. <h3 id="im">Instant messengers</h3>
  42. <p>On my computer I have Signal, Wire and XMPP (Gajim) on automatic startup, but not running all the time. <small><em>Yes, that is two + one team chat electrons, please help me and my poor computers!</em></small></p>
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  44. <li>I am on <a href="">Signal</a> with my main phone number <em>(please don't share them without my permission)</em>.
  45. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;It is widely agreed to be the most secure and privacy friendly instant messenger, its interface is very similar to Facebook WhatsApp and could be thought as a drop-in replacement for it. I am listing it here as a commitment of keeping my account there (under assumption they won't become another Facebook WhatsApp) and in hope that my contacts from Facebook WhatsApp may find Signal and me, if they end up on this page.</li>
  46. <li>Mikaela on <a href="">Wire</a>
  47. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;It's the only fully end-to-end encrypted messaging platform that allows phone number registration on multiple platforms while supporting multiple devices (without depending on a single phone) and <em>the messaging app I picked to replace Facebook WhatsApp for my family</em>, I think it's my second preferred instant messaging platform after XMPP. I am also findable through email <em>(myname AT myname DOT info)</em> which can be used for registering instead (and/or in addition to) phone number. <a href="">Wire doesn't have public profile links.</a> See also <a href="{{site.address}}/keys#wire" rel="me">my Wire fingerprints on my public keys page.</a></li>
  48. <li><a href="" rel="me">mikaela AT blesmrt DOT net on XMPP</a>
  49. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;My preferred federated instant messaging protocol, <em>the universal messaging standard (since 1999)</em>, has all the modern features including end-to-end-encryption between multiple devices and being lightweight with clients available for possibly any platform. See also <a href="{{site.address}}/keys#omemoxmpp" rel="me">OMEMO on my public keys page.</a> and <a href="">getting started with XMPP</a>.</li>
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  51. <h3 id="teamchat">Team chat</h3>
  52. <p>On my computer Keybase starts automatically. Team chats applications have a strange habit of being too heavy for my Nokia 1.</p>
  53. <ul>
  54. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on</a>
  55. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;For me it's mainly a end-to-end encrypted chat platform that is <a href="">unusable on my phone</a>, but they also provide other services like cryptographic identity verification (which I prefer to do by this page (see also <a href="">Homepage on IndieWeb</a>)), <a href="">Stellar</a> Wallet, end-to-end encrypted file storage, etc.</li>
  56. <li><s><a href="" rel="me"> on Riot/Matrix</a></s> <a href="" rel="me"> on Riot/Matrix</a>
  57. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Riot is, even with <a href="">privacy concerns</a>, the defacto client for the Matrix protocol which is in a friendly competition with XMPP, both of them are federated and wish to <em>bridge</em> everything into themselves. See also <a href="">Try Matrix now</a> and <a href="{{site.address}}/keys#matrix">my Matrix fingerprints on my public keys page</a>. However my phone cannot run Riot well, so this is not a good place to attempt contacting me.
  58. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;As a Matrix user you can contact me also through a bridge between Matrix and XMPP on <a href="" rel="me"></a> <em>or you could if it wasn't currently down</em>.</li>
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  60. <h3 id="misc">Misc</h3>
  61. <ul>
  62. <li><a href="" rel="me">Ciblia on Duolingo</a></li>
  63. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela Suomalainen on Goodreads</a></li>
  64. <li><a href="" rel="me">Ciblia on Memrise</a></li>
  65. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela Suomalainen on (PPFI homepage)</a></li>
  66. <li><a href="" rel="me">Ciblia on Steam Community</a></li>
  67. <!--<li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Ubuntu Wiki</a></li>-->
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  69. <h3 id="some">Social media</h3>
  70. <p>I am not very big social media user and may randomly switch the "primary" account. I prefer the idea of Hubzilla's nomadic identity, but I often find it too complicated and end up to Mastodon or Pleroma.</p>
  71. <ul>
  72. <li><a href="" rel="me"> on Hubzilla</a>
  73. <br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The same account exists also as <a href="" rel="me"> on Hubzilla</a></li>
  74. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela Suomalainen on LinkedIn</a></li>
  75. <li><a href="" rel="me"> on Mastodon</a></li>
  76. <li><a href="" rel="me">Ciblia on</a></li>
  77. <li><a href="" rel="me"> on Pleroma</a></li>
  78. </ul>
  79. <h3 id="wiki">Wikis</h3>
  80. <p>Note: due to the natures of wikis, they can be edited by anyone (often even unidentified users), this section may not be very reliable or not reflect my views.</p>
  81. <ul>
  82. <li><a href="" rel="me"> on Indieweb</a></li>
  83. <li><a href="" rel="me">Mikaela on Piraattiwiki (PPFI wiki)</a></li>
  84. </ul>
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  88. <li><a href="" rel="me"> on </a></li>
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