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Quick GPG note where I may find it.

To create an Ed25519 key, or whatever will be the default version in the
future as defined by your GPG version:

gpg --quick-gen-key address@domain.example future-default

Note the keyid and edit it

gpg --edit-key KEYID
adduid # here fill your name and details as asked
1 # to select the uid the first command generated
deluid # to delete the uid which doesn't contain your name

Then you are ready to publish the public key however you generally publish
it, preferably in multiple places from where some recognise revokation
certificates if the time ever comes.

NOTE: You can extend the expiry time of an expired gpg signature by issuing
the `expire` command in `--edit-key` and the key is valid again when the
update is reimported to gpg keyrings by other people.

Keybase note: To publish the key `keybase pgp select --multi` (where multi
is required for multiple PGP keys per account` and to submit changes to it,
`keybase pgp update --all` (where --all is again necessary only if you have
multiple keys).