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keys: add missing code block, rm Matrix keys & explain why

Ref: #151
Mikaela Suomalainen 7 months ago
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@@ -78,53 +78,41 @@ with some protocols, I only list those which I mainly care about.
<td><code>2CA4A344 03A525F8 4CD75F47 69334B00 FECD2B6C 0D697F77 21BEB4D5 04AB5130</code></td>

## Matrix

***This section tends to be always outdated due to Matrix client situation
and as I don't recommend it for anything requiring privacy or other than
public team chat, I am going to remove this section in near future.***


<th>Device name</th>
<td><code>00LQ edzK 6woQ JWMj CGb2 bIvW HGqS mnGE OdlX +RsQ uqo</code></td>
<td><code>MrnG FXve PRvK lANF +C+E jRTc a3a7 lTRZ FJWl mHVf /EA</code></td>
<td><code>UTvo Kiz/ AzQm /pK4 CNXH 0aV7 ig4v PkIv iIkx agc/ jes</code></td>
I have [multiple privacy concerns related to Matrix/Riot](
such as [it storing messages forever](
and as it may be possible to break the encryption in the future allowing the
server owner or attacker gaining access to the server database to read the
messages in the future, I recommend against communicating private matters

Another reason why I don't list my key fingerprints here is that
[Riot randomly erases the keys by itself](
so I don't have energy to keep updating the list. Matrix is also missing
functioning established cross-platform clients with all the features.

* Riot key erasing issue above.
* Integration manager cannot be changed, resulting the need of using
multiple Riot Web instances while web browsers at times remove data.
* Riot uses Electron.
* Riot Android is very resource intensive and performs badly on Nokia 1
* RiotX is too early in development to be usable due to various issues.

When these issues are fixed and the fingerprints are as easy to publish on
this page as XMPP and Wire ones, please contact me. Alternatively if Matrix
succeeds at cross-signing making this page useless, I will be happy to hear

Meanwhile, if you insist using Matrix, please at least coordinate emoji
verification with me on XMPP, Wire, Keybase or Signal. I won't bother with
fingerprint comparsion in case of Matrix.

## Wire