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Browser extensions: multiple changes

* add comment to Facebook container on being nice even without a Facebook
* strike temporary containers
* warn about layout.perpixels likely increasing fingerprintability
* note firstparty.isolate doesn't break Finnish strong identification
* add link to ghacks-user.js for a better list on
    * Thanks @beerisgood ( privacytoolsIO/ )
* bootstrapaddress remove mention to which I am not actively
* mention using Quad9 DNS#2 IP directly for network.trr.uri
* add link to my Android 9 DoT post
* Strike True Sight
* Strike Healthy.Onion
* Strike Nudge by Siempo for Firefox
* move RSS extensions around
* update IPFS Companion date (still not Tor compatible)
* fix Nicer dark note location
* add ViolentMonkey for Firefox
* Strike Firefox Dark Mode (Webextension)
* Strike Zenfox
* Add Grayscale for Firefox
* add changelog links (GitHub, file history pages)

Ref: #129
Mikaela Suomalainen 10 months ago
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@@ -17,9 +17,10 @@ redirect_from:
## Firefox containers

* [Facebook Container](
* nice when clicking Facebook links even while not being a Facebook user
* [Google Container](
* [Firefox Multi-Account Containers](
* [Temporary containers](
* ~~[Temporary containers]( I am not just learning to use this properly
* Especially in Automatic mode it renders Cookie Autodelete unnecessary
in my opinion and is likely more secure.
@@ -34,10 +35,11 @@ redirect_from:
## Firefox about:config

* `layout.css.devPixelsPerPx` to `1.25` or `2.0` on macOS Retina to increase font size.
* Warning: very likely increases fingerprintability
* `privacy.firstparty.isolate` to `true` for preventing domains from
accessing each other's data.
* If something breaks, it's most likely related to this. I am yet to
test if this breaks Finnish strong electric authentication.
* If something breaks, it's most likely related to this. ~~I am yet to
test if this~~ Surprisingly it doesn't break~~s~~ Finnish strong electric authentication.
* `privacy.resistFingerprinting` = `true` multiple effects to make your
browser appear less unique, the ones I have found/understood:
* warns if `intl.accept_languages` is not `en-US, en` .
@@ -45,6 +47,7 @@ redirect_from:
* spoofs the user-agent as the latest Firefox ESR version.
* [Firefox's protection against fingerprinting](
has the upstream list.
* [A better list under section 4500: RFP (RESIST FINGERPRINTING)](
* `privacy.trackingprotection.cryptomining.enabled` = `true` so cryptomining
on some websites gets blocked and won't waste resources.
* `privacy.trackingprotection.fingerprinting.enabled` = `true` I am not
@@ -68,8 +71,7 @@ Future note: [`network.dns.blockDotOnion;false`](
#### DNS over HTTPS

* `network.trr.bootstrapAddress` DNS server to use for resolving the DoH
name, e.g. `` (Resolver 2 of [](
in Germany) or `` (Resolver 2 of [Quad9](
name, e.g. `` (Resolver 2 of [Quad9](
* `network.trr.mode` 2 to prefer DoH, but fallback to system resolver (or 3 to enforce DoH without fallback)
* [DoH is required by Firefox ESNI support]( which encrypts SNI which would still leak which
sites you visit. [Another bug about ESNI + Android DoT](
@@ -78,7 +80,7 @@ Future note: [`network.dns.blockDotOnion;false`](
more of a problem than unencrypted SNI as not everyone supports it.
* `network.trr.early-AAAA` `true` to hopefully prefer IPv6
* `network.trr.uri` for the actual resolver address, e.g.
`` or
`` or `` (removes the need for `network.trr.bootstrapAddress` and allows ǹetwork.trr.mode` `3`?) or
[check curl wiki](

Some notes:
@@ -91,6 +93,7 @@ you should be seeing DNS cache of Firefox and a lot of `TRR: true`.
* Quad9 while having filtering of malicious domains should be easy to figure
out as the problem if something doesn't work on my computers as due to the
previously mentioned bug I am mainly using it on Firefox.
* [While investingating how Android 9 Private DNS works, I also wrote a DNS provider comparsion here]({% post_url blog/2019-07-11-android-private-dns-in-practice %})

#### SSDs

@@ -128,11 +131,11 @@ and this is the reason why Firefox is at times accused of killing SSDs.
* [µMatrix users](
* ~~[Firefox: Google search link fix](
* Copied from [](, cleans Google
results links.
* [Firefox: True Sight](
results links. I am not actually using Google Search, so it's useless for me.
* ~~[Firefox: True Sight](
* This is a CDN detector and it being a privacy extension can be debated
but I just feel like putting it here. I will still say that not all
CDNs are bad (IPFS).
CDNs are bad (IPFS). I mostly don't have it enabled
* [Firefox: µMatrix](
* [Chrome](
* It can easily replace Cookie Autodelete (block cookies for global scope), Privacy Badger (by default), NoScript and possibly others.
@@ -147,28 +150,30 @@ and this is the reason why Firefox is at times accused of killing SSDs.
* [Firefox: Privacy Pass](
* [Chrome](
* May reduce captchas with CloudFlare.
* [Firefox: Healthy.Onion](
* ~~[Firefox: Healthy.Onion](
* **Only for Tor Browser** or other browser going through Tor all the
time as it redirects clearnet addresses to Tor .onion hidden
services that cannot be accessed outside of Tor.
* I cannot figure out how to edit the list and I keep getting stuck with some dead onions. Due to these issues I am also unsure on trusting it.

## Productivity

* [Firefox: Mind The Time](
* [Chrome equivalent: Webtime tracker](
* [Firefox: Nudge by Siempo](
* ~~[Firefox: Nudge by Siempo]( Pulled from AMO?
* [Chrome: Nudge by Siempo](

## Misc

* [Firefox: IPvFoo](
* [Chrome](
* [Chrome: RSS](
* [Firefox: RSS feed preview](
* [Chrome: RSS](
* [Firefox: IPFS Companion](
* [Firefox: beta channel of IPFS Companion](
* doesn't sync automatically with Firefox Sync.
* [Chrome](
* At the time of writing, 2018-09-22, I consider IPFS as
* At the time of writing, 2019-07-13, I consider IPFS as
**incompatible with Tor Browser** as Tor browser would use the local
IPFS daemon, which **is not using Tor** and thus the IPFS network
**could see your real IP** especially if not many nodes are
@@ -178,18 +183,19 @@ and this is the reason why Firefox is at times accused of killing SSDs.
* Onions to Tor, I2P to I2P. [My rules]({{site.ipfsGateway}}/ipfs/QmQUc6SmBS8jgvceRLjFsVJNy2NrikDotcQVFxHeRwtQRz/foxyproxy.json)
* [Firefox: Tab Counter](
* [Firefox: Lightbeam](
* I especially like *nicer dark* with Memrise.
* [Firefox: RSS feed preview](
* [Firefox: Duolingo Boost](
* [Chrome: Duolingo Boost](
* [Bitbucket](
* [Firefox: Violentmonkey](

## Usability

* [Firefox: Tree Style Tab](
* ~~[Firefox: Text Contrast for Dark Themes]( see *about:config section*
* [Firefox: Dark Mode (WebExtension)](
* [Firefox: Zenfox (Solarized themes)](
* ~~[Firefox: Dark Mode (WebExtension)]( ViolentMonkey + Grayscale
* I especially like *nicer dark* with Memrise.
* ~~[Firefox: Zenfox (Solarized themes)]( Breaks the buttons in find in page CTRL + F
* [Firefox: Grayscale](

## Videos

@@ -205,3 +211,5 @@ and this is the reason why Firefox is at times accused of killing SSDs.
* [UK English](
* [Czech](
* [Swedish](

Changelog: [ commits]( | [ commits](