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*This page has some kind of link list on minorities which mostly somehow
affect me and is probably always under construction. The order is somewhat
random and [improvements are welcome here.](*

## Asexuality

* [Asexuality at AVENwiki](
* [The best asexuality posts by swankivy](
* [List of non-sexual forms of intimacy](
* [How to have sex with asexual person](

## IRC channels

* Minority-specific
* [##asexuality at freenode](ircs://
* [webchat](
* All GRSM (Gender Romantic Sexual Minority) people
* [##abgilpqt+ at freenode](ircs://
* [rules](
* [webchat](
* [#GayCafe at sorcerynet](ircs://
* [webchat](

## Trans

* [Myths about transition regrests](
* [What to not ask from trans person](
* I think there are a lot better pages telling this than this one.
* [Review article provides evidence on the biological nature of gender identity](
* [Sex redefined](
* *So if the law requires that a person is male or female, should that
sex be assigned by anatomy, hormones, cells or chromosomes, and what
should be done if they clash? “My feeling is that since there is not
one biological parameter that takes over every other parameter, at
the end of the day, gender identity seems to be the most reasonable
parameter,” says Vilain. In other words, if you want to know whether
someone is male or female, it may be best just to ask.*
* [Gender identity is biological study says](

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