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browser-extensios: cleanup unused ones

Mikaela Suomalainen 8 months ago
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<td><s>Temporary Containers</s></td>
<td><a href="">Firefox Add-ons</a></td>
<td>I am not just learning to use this properly. <br/>Especially in Automatic mode it renders Cookie Autodelete unnecessary in my opinion and is likely more secure.</td>

## Firefox language packs
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## Privacy

* ~~[Firefox: Cookie Autodelete](
* ~~[Chrome](
* [Firefox: HTTPS Everywhere](
* [Chrome](
* ~~[Firefox: Privacy Badger](
* ~~[Chrome](
* [Firefox: Privacy Badger](
* [Chrome](
* [Firefox: Decentraleyes](
* [Chrome](
* [Chrome HTTPS Everywhere fix page](
* [µMatrix users](
* ~~[Firefox: Google search link fix](
* Copied from [](, cleans Google
results links. I am not actually using Google Search, so it's useless for me.
* ~~[Firefox: True Sight](
* This is a CDN detector and it being a privacy extension can be debated
but I just feel like putting it here. I will still say that not all
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* [Firefox: Privacy Pass](
* [Chrome](
* May reduce captchas with CloudFlare.
* ~~[Firefox: Healthy.Onion](
* **Only for Tor Browser** or other browser going through Tor all the
time as it redirects clearnet addresses to Tor .onion hidden
services that cannot be accessed outside of Tor.
* I cannot figure out how to edit the list and I keep getting stuck with some dead onions. Due to these issues I am also unsure on trusting it.

## Productivity

* [Firefox: Mind The Time](
* [Chrome equivalent: Webtime tracker](
* ~~[Firefox: Nudge by Siempo]( Pulled from AMO?
* [Chrome: Nudge by Siempo](

## Misc

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## Usability

* [Firefox: Tree Style Tab](
* ~~[Firefox: Text Contrast for Dark Themes]( see *about:config section*
* ~~[Firefox: Dark Mode (WebExtension)]( ViolentMonkey + Grayscale
* I especially like *nicer dark* with Memrise.
* ~~[Firefox: Zenfox (Solarized themes)]( Breaks the buttons in find in page CTRL + F
* [Firefox: Grayscale](

## Videos

* [Firefox: PeerTubeify](
* [Chrome: PeerTubeify](
* [Firefox: Alternate Tube Redirector](
* to redirect YouTube videos to
* [GitLab](

## Firefox Dictionaries