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Aki Tuomi dd6323426a lib-ssl-iostream: Remove unused DH members 1 year ago
doc man: Add missing commands to doveadm 1 year ago
m4 m4, quota: Support rquota using libtirpc 1 year ago
src lib-ssl-iostream: Remove unused DH members 1 year ago
.gitignore .gitignore: Ignore doc/man/doveadm-rebuild.1 1 year ago
AUTHORS libpassword: Add BLF-CRYPT support independent of crypt 2 years ago
COPYING Added src/lib/UnicodeData.txt license. 12 years ago
COPYING.LGPL COPYING.LGPL: Updated FSF mailing address. 5 years ago
COPYING.MIT Removed most of the license comments from src/lib/*.c. It's just fine to 16 years ago INSTALL: Use markdown style 3 years ago Makefile: Another fix for make distcheck when using scan-build 3 years ago
NEWS NEWS: Add v2.3.1 2 years ago Update README regarding supported RFCs. 2 years ago
TODO Implemented SMTP submission proxy service. 2 years ago autogen: Use HTTPS for wiki 3 years ago mail-lua: Add Lua support plugin for mail storage 1 year ago dovecot-config: Update lib-stats directory to lib-old-stats 2 years ago dovecot.service: Update LimitNOFILE=65535 1 year ago
dovecot.socket Added support for systemd. 9 years ago
run-test-valgrind.supp Improve valgrind suppressions. 3 years ago Initial revision 17 years ago lib: Add dovecot_build_info variable containing Dovecot build information. 2 years ago


See file.


See doc/documentation.txt or

RFCs conformed




IMAP base

IMAP extensions


SMTP/LMTP extensions

Contact info

Timo Sirainen,

Please use the Dovecot mailing list for questions about Dovecot. You can post to the list without subscribing, the mail then waits in a moderator queue for a while. See