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=head1 NAME

yaourt - more than a frontend to pacman



yaourt <operation> [options] [packages]

yaourt <search pattern|package file>


Yaourt is a pacman frontend with a lot of features.

AUR/ABS support, colorized output, interactive search/install, save/restore
Alpm database, orphans detection, manage .pac* files, ...


Since the majority of those options are same as pacman's ones (, this manual page will focus on the specific ones.

=over 4

=item B<-B, --backup>

Backup or restore alpm local database.

=item B<-C>

Manage .pac* files.

=item B<-G, --getpkgbuild E<lt>packageE<gt>>


=item B<-P, --pkgbuild E<lt>directoryE<gt>>

Build package from PKGBUILD found in a local directory. Also install the package with I<-i>.

=item B<-Q, --query>

Query local database + Can sort packages by installation date, possibility to delete orphans.

=item B<-R, --remove>

Remove package(s) from the system.

=item B<-U, --upgrade>

Upgrade or add package(s) to the system.

=item B<-S, --sync>

Synchronize packages + AUR support, building from sources.

=item B<--stats>

Show some statistics about your packages.

=item B<-V, --version>

Display version and exit.

=item B<-h, --help>

Display a short help.


=head1 OPTIONS

=over 4

=item B<--color>

Force color.

=item B<--export E<lt>dirE<gt>>

Export built packages and their sources to I<E<lt>dirE<gt>>.

=item B<--force>

Force installation or updates.

=item B<--insecure>

Allow curl & package-query to perform "insecure" SSL connections

=item B<--nocolor>

Disable color.

=item B<--noconfirm>

Don't ask for confirmation.

=item B<--confirm>

Always ask for confirmation, even when the configuration says otherwise.

=item B<--edit>

Always edit files, even when the configuration says otherwise.

=item B<--pager>

Use I<$PAGER> to show search results.

=item B<--tmp E<lt>dirE<gt>>

Use E<lt>dirE<gt> as temporary folder. default to '/tmp'


=head1 MORE

See I<man yaourt>


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