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So you want to run your own internet services? Email, chat, VoIP, web sites, file synchronisation, wikis, blogs, social networks, media hosting, backups, VPN. Freedombone is a home server system which enables you to self-host all of these things.

You can run Freedombone on an old laptop or a single board computer. See the list of installation methods. You can also use it to set up a mesh network in your local area.

Check out the list of available apps and Frequently Asked Questions section. Recent developments are also described on the blog. You might also wish to know how to backup and restore the system.

Disk images which can be cloned straight to USB or microSD drives are available here in dat format.

If you find bugs, or want to add a new app to this system see the Developers Guide and Code of Conduct. There is a Matrix chat room available at and an XMPP channel at The XMPP channel requires membership which you can ask for via these contact details.

If you like this project and want to support continued development then here’s what to do.

A dat version of the website is avalable at dat://676db9db2e04a604ea6dbc798bb0d327a335c19b4856ac496ae4bb34e367633a/.

Icons on the website and user interfaces are by Rashid Mhar.