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  Mirek Kratochvil 89908fed4a push some forgotten formatting changes 7 months ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 7c3e802a71 continue the good practice with replacing unneccessary op[] 7 months ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 41f2bb4db7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'nico/master' 7 months ago
  Tom Li ada0c16f70
hash.h: fix std::vector access violation. 8 months ago
  Tom Li f7ae29ccc2
keyring.cpp: fix std::vector access violation 8 months ago
  Tom Li 6e53922328
cube_hash.h: finalize CubeHash if there's no incomplete block. 8 months ago
  Tom Li 7021f6c734
sc.h: correct access violation in load_key_vector(), close #2. 8 months ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 4441f8e514 document existing python bindings 11 months ago
  Mirek Kratochvil c3f926b759 add windows port info 11 months ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 59af6b2ae8 produce a conf-time warning if using getpass(3) 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil f0ecdcd9c9 autogen.sh: produce better Makefile.am 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil e615d48732 Merge 'amynka/cfg', better autotools autotooling 1 year ago
  amynka@gentoo.org 1b1b07d9e6 Buildsystem improvements 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 58c8beefd2 Merge branch 'cmake' 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil fb616a748e CMakeLists commentary 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil d7362a0e5b keep .gitignore sorted and complete 1 year ago
  tearsofphoenix 4a00aec0b9 add support for CMake 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 91b12452d6 update docs 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 25cb1f081d contribution guide 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 0e541c4fbf version bump to 1.8 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 66d5488133 privfile: add forgotten sources 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 8a55068d89 configure.ac: check for pkg-config when using it 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil df3ed069d7 README: someone added a comma here 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 65c2bcc546 man: document the -u defaulting 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 798de9f70a update docs 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 76fb3b059d main: default -u from CCR_USER env 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil c27285e750 actions: only show 40 bits of keyID by default 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 5dceb7c07d styleup 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 4f2680134e privfile: common sk/pk file creation/saving code 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 7ec0823834 keyring: fix forgotten check 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 104ee12951 implement private key locking 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 7b0bc06d45 add forgotten seclock files 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 578691f45e secret-locking on symmetric keys 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil c0770926e9 configure.ac: it was a bit too verbose 1 year ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 3f378e14d7 readme: typo 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 0d772da18c Merge tag 'v1.7.6' 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 4f4e4f4df9 minor typos and styles 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 33a9c14661 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exaexa/codecrypt 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 8dd84892ef README: update debian information 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil e5b8b4bc82 version bump to 1.7.6 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil cc9b6b5858 base64: simplify debase64ing a bit 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil be8c3faa55 arcfour: register keyword is deprecated now 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil ad40fbe5dc keyring: write backup before actually touching keys 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil dc3a874cd5 generator: allow own PRNG seed source 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil d53586d582 remove obsolete qd_utils header 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil d7dc743016 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exaexa/codecrypt 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil ac2047a915 Merge pull request #19 from mapmeld/mac 2 years ago
  Nick Doiron cadaadac73 run glibtoolize on OSX 2 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 87337db922 README: add explicit key distribution notice 3 years ago
  Mirek Kratochvil 0bd9ab6d54 hashfile: avoid being fine with informative-grade hashes only 3 years ago